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We are a software company focused on mobile encryption, and security.

About us

Kryption is a secure messaging application that encrypts each message with AES-256 bit encryption and conceals that encryption. Kryption is designed to blend in with the crowd through the entire application workflow. The app itself can be concealed, only displaying the chat functionality once a predetermined touch pin and biometric ID have been provided (Custom versions only). The text for individual chats are also concealed using a proprietary linguistic steganography method — transforming important messages into friendly banter, links, emojis, gifs, and more.


Kryption believes your personal communications should be just that – personal. Our custom secure communications solutions can be tailored to fit the unique needs of privacy-conscious private individuals, professionals, or businesses. As a company, our user agreements support client ownership of their data. It is important to us to protect our users rights to control private communications.

Each solution is tailored for our customers needs. Our custom communications solutions come with a unique concealment package allowing you and your team to communicate securely. Kryption is a solution to the surging demand for a truly secure communication platform that supports the modern lifestyle of on-demand interaction. Busy professionals, private citizens, and small companies alike have a constant need for reliable, encrypted methods of communication with clients and co-workers.

As a business we are committed to offering more. Instead of focusing on the mass roll-out of a simple one-size-fits-all app we are able to deploy systems that address the unique needs of our individual clients.